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Stoneware Tankards with Celtic symbols
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Twin Moons Pottery was founded in 2005, although the idea of being the owner of my own pottery had been contemplated for a very long time . I have been creating pottery since 2002. They say that necessity is the mother of  all inventions, and that is just what happened with me. I studied Ceramics Arts at our local community college for several years with my professor, and mentor, Benjamin Culbertson. I concentrated on perfecting my forms, and learning everything I could possibly learn about the art of Ceramics. Upon completion of my glaze chemistry and formulation class,  the school announced that the program was shutting down for renovations, oh no... I did what  any determined potter would do, I  started my own pottery!! That is how Twin Moons Pottery was born!!!      
​                 Stoneware Sake set
​Stoneware TankaSrds embotssed withSSsssssst
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