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Welcome to Twin Moons Pottery Summer 2019

Welcome to the summer season from Twin Moons Pottery!!!  
Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing and of the pottery wheel is spinning in the studio!!!The summer months are always a very busy time here in the studio. I stay busy with creating many new "pots" for my customers, each with unique artistic touches.

"The Process"
The  creative process in the studio takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks and sometimes even longer if the creations are very large. My pieces are created on the pottery wheel or hand built from stoneware and porcelain clay. Each piece is dried very slowly under plastic. This ensures a slow even drying to avoid cracking. After they are dried they are ready for the first firing called a "bisque firing". Once fired they are now ready to be cleaned and dried off to prep for their glazing session. Each pot gets a coat of wax on their bottoms so they do not stick to the kiln shelves. Once glazed, stained and decorated they are now ready for the final glaze firing. Each firing lasts around 12 hours. Large ware boards are filled with my creations and are carried out and  loaded into the kiln.The final firing at Twin Moons is a cone 10 firing which is very hot around 2350 degrees in my large down draft kiln. Once the kiln cools down, (which takes about 1 1/2 days), the pots are thoroughly inspected, and sanded if needed, so they will be ready for my customers. I take great pride in producing unique pieces that  you and your family can use to enhance your daily life rituals.

Upcoming Events
A few that are on the radar:
Springfield Manor Lavender Festival, June 15. 16, 2019
Salisbury National Folk Festival, September 6,7,8, 2019
Catoctin ColorFest, October 12,13, 2019

      2015 was the year of "Howlers and Growlers"here in the studio... Just what is a howler or growler??? They are jugs or bottles created to carry artisan beer, of course I also envision cider, sangria, or ice tea in them too. A howler holds approx. 32 oz and a growler holds approx. 64 oz. I have created many of them, some with wide growler flip lids, some with smaller flip top lids, and even some with cork stoppers. Each jug is uniquely sculptured. I have been sculpting the faces that so fascinate me onto the jugs. I've used a dark clay that has been left "bare naked" and put glaze on the insides and parts of the outside. They will be showing up at festivals and gallery shows in the near future. We have many creations available at our studio for your gift giving needs. Give us a call and we can arrange a time for your shopping.

We have some exciting news here at Twin Moons Pottery.  Twin Moons Pottery in the "NOMA gallery" in Frederick , Md.  "NOMA" "short for North of Market" is located at 437 North Market St. Frederick, Md. The gallery will be open on Friday evenings 4-8:00 and Saturdays 12:00-8:00. "NOMA" has 24 talented artists that are in the gallery. When you come to Frederick, Md. come by and see us at the gallery.
"NOMA gallery" participates in Frederick, Md.'s first Saturdays. Our gallery features a new artist each month with a joint co-op show monthly. 1st Saturday of each month. Gallery opening 5:00-9:00 Make sure to mark this on your calendar.

                             You will find Twin Moons Pottery for sale at: 

"NOMA gallery" 5th and Market Street, Frederick Maryland

"Washington County Arts Council", South Potomac Street, Hagerstown, Maryland

     Remember Twin Moons Pottery for all your gift giving needs. My pottery is made from Stoneware, and Porcelain clay. Pottery that is high fired to cone 10, (which is around 2350 degrees in a gas kiln) makes a very durable and stable product. My pottery is oven, dishwasher and microwave proof, and we use lead free glazes that are made in my studio. I am proud to say that Twin Moons Pottery is Handmade in America... and that I am living the dream of being the owner of my own small business, where I create beautiful functional, and artistic pottery for your home and daily life rituals. Come by and see us, we would love for you to stop by.